Files taking forever to save or load from NAS

For some reason lately, and everyone that was recently moved to windows 10 is not able to work because its taking minutes to save and or open files. Sometimes it’ll just go to not responding too. Its a real problem.

@sandman12 Please contact support with an explanation of your issue including the My Cloud System Logs. IE: what types of files are you opening, how you are opening and with what software program if any

Just did but I think this would be near impossible to solve via email. Never had good luck calling into support. Can you provide me with a number to call and a person to contact?

I just had a problem after a recent Win10 update; and had to disable IP6 on all my Win10 machines.

Thank you for the response. I called support and they couldn’t even offer that, they left it at “we will replace the drive”. The drive is functioning fine, it’s a setting. I’ll have to check and see if I can disable that because some users use VPN outside of the office and I’m not sure if it will affect that. I don’t know enough about it though to be honest.