Files saved offline to Downloads - can they be rearranged?

I have wdcloud and have downloaded a number of files to my iPad so I can listen to them offline.

They seem to have been stored in a random bucket - there are folders but these are empty

Can I move files from the “bucket” area into the folders?

The mini menu only seems to allow renaming and deletion, I could not find a move button

Yes you can but you would need some type of file manager app for iOS that would allow you to access files and folders on your iOS device. Search the Apple Store to see if such an app will meet your needs.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the walled in garden Apple has demanded of their app developers the WD app doesn’t have the same capabilities the Android WD apps have when it comes to how and where files are saved in certain instances.

That’s the iOS way: “you don’t need to worry your pretty little head about where your clever iThing stores data; it ‘just works’”…

FileBrowser seems to work fairly well on iPad. I think I even paid for it…

Thank you both for your help. I will investigate filebrowser futher