Files older than a month, automatically deleted?

This has been happening since I received my, My Cloud, and it only happens in one folder. This one folder only keeps files for a month, after they are older than a month that vanish. Today I come in and my files from November are gone, on December 1st, October was gone and So forth. They don’t even show up in the Recycling Bin. I contacted support and they only would tell me that it has to be a issue with my computer or someone that has access is deleting them. Anyone have any ideas?

Files should not be deleted unless there is a program or application set to remove old files managing your NAS.

Is this happening to files from a set folder or share? Or is this happening to any file on any share after a certain date? What you change your NAS’s folder share permissions to read-only for testing purposes in order to confirm if files are still deleted even access should be restricted?


Since this is only happening in one folder, as you say above, is the folder a share that you created? Also, are you using permissions to access the folder? Are you using backup software to that folder or just copy and paste?