Files Number

Hi i’ve this little problem with my hub player:

So, the exact number of the files in my video folder is 308 and in the music folder is about 2.000.

When i select one of this folder in the hub player, i receive this message: video 108 files and music 42 files.

The files number doesn’t match with the true number inside the hub player!!!

I try to erase and to rebuild my multimedia library but the result is the same.

I don’t understand why !!!

Sorry for  my bad english…

Can u help me please


Now i’m thinking: this number it’s only for the new item?

it’s a wrong number???

because i see all my files in the hub but i don’t understant what’s meaning, and what does support for the user!!!

i think that it’s a better idea, to see not the new, but the amount  of the items in the main menu for each category!!!