Files NOT Copying Over (no warning messages)

I’m copying files from my local hard drive to My Colud Mirror 4TB storage.

There are folders with the same name already on the device so I choose to ‘replace’ the folders so the new updated job completley overwrites the old folder.

However, when I go back and check, filers and folders within the parent folder have not copied or updated. I’m not getting any error message about the process so I could believe that they have copied over fine and delete them from my local drive.

Potentially this could cause a costly issue if work is lost, that I believe to be backed up.

It works fine to other drives I have connected, so doesn’t seem to be a system issue.

It only seems to be when copying multiple folders over at the same time. When i do it individually it seems to resolve the issue. However, that’s not a practical solution as I can be copying over 20 - 30 folders (with sub folders) at one time, and simply don’t have the time to go thorugh and check every single folder and sub folder has copied over correctly.

Any thoughts?

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Are you using the  WD Smartware backup software or any other particular software?