Files not copied?


Mycloud home, Windows 7, Firefox, thru standard internet connection hardwired thru my fios router. I drag and drop into the mycloud directory using windows explorer. I am not syncing anything.

1 – I thought my files were disappearing, but after quite some searching, it seems these files are actually there, but they get put somewhere in the middle of the directory. When I tell it to put the files in order by name, it seems to go alphabetical, and then starts over again in the middle with other files that begin with “A”.

2 - When I copy several directories it takes some time, but it seems that the interface logs out and doesnt finish the job. It goes back to the login page. I’m not sure how long it takes before it logs out because I let it copy files overnite. Maybe it did copy everything, but I cant tell because of the situation #1?

3 - Can I tell it not to log out somehow? Is there a timer?

4 - Are the files actually stored on the physical drive, or are they in the cloud somewhere and the drive is just redundant? If it has no virtual component, why can I access it from my cell phone when I am far away from my wireless network?


Hello, jgold

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


So WD staff here cant answer questions like this?

(Gee it too nearly a week to get a response. I was beginning to think this place was empty. Thanks for replying)


WD Staff does not provide technical support on the WD Community.
We’re here to help

Now let’s get some answers for you

  1. Posting a step by step and a screen shot will help the community understand your question.
    The issue may be related to not having all files copied over before sorting.

  2. How are you copying files? and where?
    To the My Cloud mounted private user space or to the My Cloud Home Public Share?
    If private user space, are you using in a web browser? If so, what browser and version?

  3. My Cloud Home ( does not have a “do not logout function”.
    There may be some connectivity issue which causes auth0 to log you out.

  4. All Files are stored locally on the My Cloud Home internal disk.

If you haven’t enable PIP so that we can capture the logs regarding auth0


Win 7, drag and drop files from my internal disk onto the WD drive thru web interface.
I drag and drop about 50 files, and repeat it a couple more times.
It finished several days ago. I go to the wd directory and put the files in order by name.
it lists the files in alphabetical order, except that it starts over in the middle of the directory.
see the attached pic. It goes to Track, then Untitled, which is in order, then suddenly it starts with agent sister. It jumps to “a” and puts those in alphabetical order to the end of the list. What is going on here?


If your not here for offering technical support but you are here to help perhaps then you could let us know what plans there are for improving this product.

You have many very unhappy customers here who feel cheated and are eagerly waiting to hear some good news from WD.


Sorts are Uppercase first then lowercase.


Thanks for the answer! That solves the mystery. Why in the world would they do that, and is there a way to make it sort like a normal folder (ignoring the case)?