Files no longer there?

I have owned my cloud storage for a while now. I use it to back up everything. I don’t keep it organized, i just throw it on there just in case i lose the other stuff. So i uploaded 6gb of photos from a Note 4 like a year an a half ago and the files are no longer there. I am trying to back everything up in Google photos. The folder that is holding the photos says there is 6gb of data inside of it, but when i open the folder there is nothing inside. I use the administrator account. My system has 2 3tb harddrives configured in raid 1.

Any help in getting these files back would be greatly appreciated!

I did figure out the problem. I’ll give my solution here just in case any others run into the same problem.

Since the folder itself contained 6gb of data, I decided to download the entire folder, which actually worked!

The folder downloaded to my Macbook and everything seemed great. Please note that I was using Finder to connect to my MyBookLive DUO, NOT THE APP! After the folder was downloaded onto my computer, I opened it and there was nothing inside. I was a little upset because I thought i was getting somewhere. Well in reality, I was, but i didn’t notice it. I needed to make Finder see hidden files. I did that, and BOOM there were 2 zip files inside. Somewhere down the line, it turned itself into ZIP files. Not sure how, but i really don’t care anymore haha. But the journey wasn’t over yet. I then needed to extract the ZIP files. The default Archiver would NOT do anything with it. Just said that the .zip file was not really there. So I did some further research and I used a 3rd party tool called “The Unarchiver” which successfully unarchived everything. I feel so much better now, and my day seems to be going great. Recovered so much data, that could have been lost.

I hope that this helps anyone who may have been having my issue. I called WD, and when speaking to them, it seemed like they I was the first case of this.



Thank you for sharing the solution to your issue. This could help other user’s in the future.