Files needed to install

Ok, new to this board and I have to admit right off that I did a very dumb, stupid thing… I want to give my WD Studio external drive to my daughter-in-law for her birthday and I got a pop up message that the drive was not readable. So I decided (here’s the dumb part) to initialize it. Duh. Hit forehead on wall. So I lost all the software, etc. that was on the drive! My question is: what software can I download from the WD website and put on a SD card so that she can use the drive? She has a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard I think. It’s not running Mountain Lion, that I know for sure. It’s not Tiger either. Thanks for helping out this MeMaw… !!!

To be honest with you, she could probably use Time Machine to do her backups.  You probably didn’t safely remove the drive and may have corrupted the file system.  Reformatting the drive on her mac would be all you need to do.  Then let Time Machine take over.

Well, except she is going to use it to put photos on… Maybe if she is doing that, she can just export from iPhoto to the drive and doesn’t need any software… Is that what you are thinking?

If that’s how iPhoto works then yeah.  The thing is, you may need to make sure that it has been reformatted before using it.

Thanks, Wayne for your help.