Files missing

I submitted some posts here in General Discussion extolling the virtues of the WDTV player, praising the devs for an awesome product that’s solid as a rock, and answering some questions for some of the technically challenged people, but now they’ve all disappeared. What happen? Also it says I’m banned from this site, how come? I assume the message board works as well as the WDTV, so there should not be any problems. Maybe the webmaster could update the firmware to include SoundDog Platinum Internet Radio Streaming?

Wow, if you were so helpful, why were you banned?  What was your banned username, and I’ll let you know what happened?

Oh, I know why you got banned, you’re posting nonsensical, nonhelpful gibberish.  Look, people come to the forum really looking for help, or looking to share their experience.  If you want to post your experience, post it and move on.  But leave others alone that are looking for help. 


Oh, and by the way, you were reported by other users for being a troll, just as you are being now.