Files Missing From USB

Hi guys - quick explanation of my setup:

WDLive Hub connected to a USB Drive, and wired into the home network. Both drives (internal WDHub and USB) are mapped to my PC and Laptop.

I moved some files from my PC to the USB drive and the move seems  to have gone successfully. When I browse my network drives the new files are there but they seem not to be in the Media Library.

Can anybody suggest any reasons why not? The files are in folders where other existing files sit so there is no question of them being somewhere else… they’re just not there!

Any suggestions?


I have a similar issue.  There are a couple of movies that do not show up in the Media Library.  I can see them when browsing the USB folders, but they are not listed in the Media Library.  I have cleared the library and re-populated it several times, but the same movies fail to appear.  Any ideas?

The files are on WD Elements 2TB externals connected to the Hub via USB.  All my files are DVD ISO or Blu-Ray m2ts formats.