Files have different names with SMB than with Discovery

Now that I use the SMB for accessing MCH I found out that all files of a certain Folder have different names while the exact same files have the orginal name when accessing with WD Discovery.
Original name: Tape 1 1/
SMB Name:

Anyone know what that is again?

This is probably due to incompatible filesystems between OSes. There is probably no easy automatic fix using the MCH as the files were stored using their KDDFS names in SMB when there were slash or trailing spaces present which created file system errors. The simplest way may be to remove the offending characters in the folder and file names and try again.

In general, any character can be used in a filename aside

from / (unicode 002f) and \0 (unicode 0000), and filenames such as . and .. are disallowed as well.

Leading/Trailing Spaces on Mac and Linux

Naming conventions for files and folders are bit more stricter on Windows than on Mac and Linux/Unix. For example, it is perfectly fine to have empty spaces at the end of a folder name when using a Mac. Windows, on the other hand will trim every space if it appears at the end of a file/folder name.

Consider the following example:
/Users/JohnDoe/SampleFolder /SampleFile.jpg
The folder name SampleFolder has a trailing space at the end, which could happen if the user mistakenly presses the space bar when creating the folder. This additional, and most likely meaningless, space is retained by Mac and Linux operating systems, but not Windows.

Why Does This Matter

If you’re backing up a Mac or Linux computer to a Windows machine, you will run into an error since the file names won’t match.

How To Fix

Staring build 980, Syncrify Client can remove these leading/trailing spaces automatically from a Mac/Linux machine. However, this option is NOT enabled by default. Use the following steps to enable it.

  • Open Syncrify Client
  • Click Options under Tools on the main menu.