Files created in Windows XP can not be read them in Windows 8

I just bought a new Toshiba laptop with I7, 750 GB in HD 8GB in RAM and Windows 8. My external drive (My Book Essential with 3 TB) was used in an old Toshiba with windows XP, it works fine no problem, but at the moment I connected it to the new laptop and unlocked it all the folders created in the old laptop appears only as a shorcut pointing to “C:\Windows\System32”. No idea what is wrong.

As a matter of fact I create a new folder inside the WD external drive and copy a file into it, then I disconnected it from the new laptop with Win 8 and plugged it in the old laptop with Win XP, I was able to read the folder created with Win 8.

Any idea will be really appreciated.


Please Refer to your user manual for the compatibility of XP and 8, should install some drivers.