Files converted from zip to .xls format

I put some .zip files in My passport. Today I opened the HD and I found they were all converted in .xml file.
Anyone else with the same problem? Did you resolve?

Maybe they got renamed, not converted, so rename one as .zip and see what happens when you try to unzip it.

How did you put the files on the Passport in the first place? Software? Drag and drop?

I zipped and then did drag and drop. Thanks for your help

Already tried but does not work

That is very strange. I’d get in touch with the company that makes the zipping software you used to see if this is a common occurrence. Files can’t just “change” on their own so either they were already .xml files when they were dragged onto the drive or something affected them afterwards.

What happens when you make a new zip file and copy it over? Does it stay a zip file?

Hi ,

Have you got your original file?

I have also copied my file(.zip,.txt) to WD passport harddisk and all my files are converted into xml. And now unable to open.
if you have any solution to get the file in original format. Please let me know.