Files above the public folder

Hi all i had a quick look but couldn’t see any threads on this.

I went to move some photos and vids from my phone to my shared drive on my drive but i forgot to designate which drive on the mbl i wanted to drop them into and the phone just sent them to the DNLA device.

I can not see the files on the drive but when i access via smart tv they are there sitting above the public folder.

My question is how do i get access to the mnt drive or root? so i can now delete those vids and pics?

In order to access the core NAS you can use the WD My Cloud app or any app that supports SMB network shares.

thank for the quick response but that did not work. i have a file manager app that does smb but it only sees what my cloud sees and thats the shares i have set up anything above that and i can not see it in windows / on the smb phone app or through the cloud but its there. its almost as if its in a hidden drive and i have nothing to unhide it.

Enable SSH on the MBL. Then use Filezilla to connect via SSH to the MBL. You will be able to see the entire file/folder structure this way. Be very careful…
Most likely you will find the files you are concerned about in /DataVolume/

Thank you and amazing advice. all sorted.