Filed saved manually to WD2500 which contained automated back up

Hi everyone.

I recently took my Passport with me on a long trip. This portable drive It is the back up of my desktop. At some point, since my laptop was running out of space, I had to manually save a bunch of pictures to the root of my portable drive. For some reasons, it let me do it w/o showing me the back up files from my automated back up nor My WD_Backup directory. I did it a couple of times. Now that I am trying to get these files back, the only thing I see are the files from my automated back up and the memeo directory. And it will not let me copy anything manually. Are the pictures lost? Thanks for your help!

What error message do you get when trying to copy the files?

Check the properties of the drive and make sure there’s no hidden files.

In the worst case scenario the drive could be corrupted reason why the files are not showing.