File you are looking for is no longer available

I’am trying to add the passport device at my mobile app but it prompt me to a message which says “The file you are looking for is no longer available”. I have just bought this device. Please help me. Thanks.

Hello there,

In order to better assist you, could you give more details on this issue, like what type of phone you have and how you are trying to a the passport.

I bought this WD wireless passport external drive a week ago but until now I could not use it. It was connected thru wi-fi. I downloaded the WD my cloud app and install it on my iPhone 5C model with an iOS version 9.2. But unfornately, I could not connect to the device. A message said “The file you are looking for is no longer available” and the other message was “MyPassport is not accessible. Local documents are available”. Please help me on this matter. Thanks.

Those messages indicate you are not connected to the MPW signal (or you got disconnected from it,) so go through the setup again if you cannot connect your mobile device to the MPW.

I have same issue with him, i turned off, re-set everything. Nothing work. By the way wo- fo is connected with my passport

I suggest both of you return MPW to factory defaults. It will clear any passwords, and afterward your MPW will be like it was out of the box, and you need to set it up again, enter the password, etc, and be sure you remember the password. Follow these instructions carefully, and your MPW must be ON and fully booted before proceeding.

Important – the MPW must be ON when you do the restore or you will cause major problems that are hard to recover from. MPW can not be connected to a computer, and it needs to be fully charged.

System Restore (No UI):

*Do NOT have an SD card in the drive.

  1. Power ON device. Wait till both lights are solid (Fully Booted)
    2.Hold both buttons in for 10 seconds (or until the device reboots)
    3.When it boots up it will be in a fresh state, with the exception of the drive. The drive is not touched with this restore.

Make SURE unit is ON before restoring to defaults.

Once restored you can set it up again like it was when brand new. If you don’t have the full user manual to refer to, first download it from WD Support and refer to it for set up procedures.

There are Sample Media files you can play from the MPW to your phone. No need to connect to your computer until you have confirmed the My Cloud app works to access these media files.

Be sure you are away from other electronic devices – move far enough away with phone and MPW before doing restore and then set up. I also found using an iPad instead of an iPhone made setting up easier.

You ought to un-install and re-install the My Cloud app from your mobile devices. Sometimes this helps. You may as well do this before you do a restore, it might all just start working again. If not, proceed with the restore steps.