File viewing order

Hi everyone

i have the ultra portable elite and at the moment i use it by drag and drop only  and when i view the files in the WD media player plus it seem to only arrange the files in alphabetical order.

if i were to use the smartware will i have the option to arrange them from newest to oldest for exemple?

Like i was able to do on my old Seagate media player.

thank you in advance.

I think it’s just the way windows copies. Open the file and look up at the menue bar and click on view you should be able to change it there. I don’t hink you want to mess with Smartware it uses it’s own method for backup.


the thing is that you change it with winndows but the player reorganize them in alphabetical order!

i would like to be able to arranged them in the player it self, from my TV,  like my old player let me do. is there a way to do so with the WD TV Live Plus?

ok guys i just found out how to do it, i just have to chose the calendar to view them from old to new or visa versa.