File update frequency?

I have the 'My Book Essential USB 3.0 + USB 2.0 with the Smartware software.   How soon after a file is changed  on the main computer HD does the software update the backup?   I have changed a file over 2 hours ago and it hasn’t changed in the backup.

It should update the files almost immediately, unless are email files which are updated once every 24 hours.  You may try uninstalling SmartWare, then download and install its latest version.

Thanks for your reply.  I did an update to V 1.6.2 and did a reboot.  When I open SmartWare, the Backup and Retrieve tabs are grayed out.   The Home tab shows the main computer HD and the ‘My Book’ external HD where I originally created a backup.   What do I need to do to get the Backup and Retrieve tabs active?

It took awhile, but now the Backup and Retrieve tabs are active.   The system must have been doing a backup earlier.

I hope this is not a symptom of old issues with 1.6.0.  I reported 2 behaviors, as did others, to WD Support.

  1. All files did not update after they were created or changed - especially changed.

  2. The PC and My Book were greyed out on the Home tab.

I solved my backup problem by re-installing  Looks like I’ll wait for more feedback.  At least with my files are being backed-up.

Good luck to all,