File Transfer Issues

I just set my WD Hub up yesterday Netflix and the works. Transfered/copied 30 AIFF ripped audio cds from itunes only to find that the folder structure failed. I can list by album but the artists came in unknown. When I view the folders option in Twonky everything appears correct, just not by artist option. The albums play in reverse order as well. Tech support level 2 blamed itunes. I can live with the reverse order but the no artist thing stinks. Anyone know what I did wrong?  When It comes to files structure- Folder Artist, subfolder Albums, subfolder songs why wouldn’t that format just simply transfer to the WD drive?

Make sure you SET the sort order.  And set the FILTER to whatever you want; presumably you want FILTER – FOLDER.  Both options are via the GREEN button.

When I filter by folder on the TV screen I get artist unknown and only the album names are listed. The only time I can see the artist is when it’s filter in twonky by folder.  I’ll check the set sort order you mentioned