File Time and Date Wrong when Viewing Files That Have Been Transferred to MPW


I have noticed that the time (and sometimes date) is incorrect when viewing files (JPEG) that have been transferred from my SD card to the wireless hard drive.

My camera, computer and smart phone times are all correct but when viewing the files directly from the hard drive, the time attached to the file in the hard drive is ahead by many hours, sometimes giving the impression that the photo was taken “tomorrow”.

Does the hard drive have its own internal time and can this be adjusted/corrected or should I be looking elsewhere to solve this issue (settings)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

How did you transfer the information to the unit? Also would be good to know the operating system or how you are trying to view the files that show this information.

Thanks ArMak for taking the time to respond.

I place the SD card directly into the card reader on the MPW. The MPW is used as a stand-alone unit, simulating transferring photos as if I was away from civilisation (the intented use of the product).

Photos are transferred across to the unit exactly as expected.

I view those transferred photos from the SD Card Imports folder on the MPW via the WD My Cloud app on a Samsung S5 via the MPW Wi-Fi and also via a laptop running Windows7, also via the MPW Wi-Fi.

Both of these methods show the same incorrect time / date.

If I place that same SD card directly into the built-in card reader on the laptop, the file times and dates are as I would expect, the actual time and date each photo was taken.

Also, if I connect the MPW directly to the laptop via the USB3 cable, the times are also correct.

I have double checked that the camera, phone and laptop are all set to the correct local time, numerous times.

I have just taken the time to re-confirm that if I view the files by a direct connection (cable to laptop) the times are correct.

If I view the files via Wi-Fi (on either the phone or the same laptop) the times are out (they happen to be 11hours ahead of actual time).

This seems to be an issue only when viewing via Wi-Fi.

Looking forward to a possible explanation… and fix if possible.

I’m having the same issue as well, files transferred to the MPW from an SD card are having their ‘Date Created’ set to some time in January 2014, presumably when I set up the drive it decided it was 1 Jan 2014 and has been counting on the days from there. The file system ‘Date Modified’ and the date in the image EXIF info is correct. Is there a solution for this? I can find no way of setting  the date or time on the device itself.

James_Gray wrote:

I’m having the same issue as well, files transferred to the MPW from an SD card are having their ‘Date Created’ set to some time in January 2014, presumably when I set up the drive it decided it was 1 Jan 2014 and has been counting on the days from there. The file system ‘Date Modified’ and the date in the image EXIF info is correct. Is there a solution for this? I can find no way of setting  the date or time on the device itself.

On the specific issue of viewing and setting the time on the MPW:

The manual directs you to the Hardware tab of the MPW Dashboard to view the current time the MPW is using. In fact in the latest firmware (v1.03.13) the current time has moved to the Home tab, bottom right corner. Go and check the Date and Time on your MPW now. . .  Was it correct?

The MPW is basically a Linux server. As such, it seems to me that it will get the correct time from the internet, using a time server. As there does not seem to be any way to actually set the time, and my MPW has the correct local time, I have to assume that this is the case. In fact I was able to determine that my MPW is 15 seconds slow compared to my desktop PC, which shows me that it is maintaining its own time, and probably from internet time servers, as they usually provide a time a few seconds out. I’m not sure how the MPW gets the time zone to use, but again, it could use internet location information to set the location, and hence the time zone.

So, have you ever had the MPW connected to the internet for any length of time? It can take some time for a server to check and set its time. Usually a server will run the check once a day or similar. So I suggest that you start up the MPW, connect it to a network (not via USB, via Wi-Fi) that has access to the internet, and leave it running for a day or so, or until the time is updated. It may happen almost immediately after the MPW detects an internet connection. It may run on a schedule. If you want to force it to run a time update, brush up your Linux skills and SSH into the MPW, and run the appropriate commands.

Dates on files:

There are many dates stored in files. The important one for photos in the Date Taken. That should be set by the camera, and will (should) not be changed by any later file moves, copies, edits, etc., unless it is deliberately changed by the user.

The two other commonly visible dates are Date Created and Date Modified. Both of these can be changed when files are moved, copied, or edited, and when they are changed, the date and time used is sourced from the target device. So if you have the correct Date Created for a photo on an SD card, then copy it to the MPW, the Date Created could be changed to the current date and time of the MPW. This is the Date Created on the MPW file system. Date Modified works in a similar way. Note that whether the Date Created and Modified is changed in subsequent move, copy, and edit activities depends a lot on the software being used to execute those activities, and the target device and file system for those activities.
Note however that I have images created on a Nikon camera, copied from the SD card to the MPW, copied to an iMac, copied to a USB drive, copied to a Windows PC, copied back to the MPW via Wi-Fi, and the Date Created and Date Modified for each is equal to the Date Taken for each file. So it looks like the SD transfer doesn’t change the Create and Modified Date/Time. Some servers and software do.

Finally, when the MPW is connected to a PC/Mac via a USB cable it is acting as a dumb USB drive. The Date and Time which file activities use in that case are the Date and Time from the PC/Mac. When you are connected to the MPW via Wi-Fi, the MPW is acting as a server and uses its time information for file activities. You should see the same Dates and Times on files when connected via USB compared to viewing them when connected via Wi-Fi, but only if the MPW and your PC/Mac are set to the same Time Zone.

Dates and Times are usually stored in files as UTC time. When you view a list of files, the operating system you are using takes into account your location and adds or subtracts the necessary hours to the time in the file. A difference of 11 hours sounds like the MPW doesn’t have the correct time zone information for your location. So if you viewed the files via USB your PC/Mac will use its location information to decide the time offset. If you view the files via Wi-Fi the MPW is actually serving up the files, and it uses the location information it has to decide the time offset.

So WozzaT, I guess if you were in England and the MPW thought it was in Australia during Daylight Saving, newly created files would show a creation date 11 hours ahead of the current time. Something like that anyway.

Thanks for such an excellent clear explanation that I have been trying to resolve since i got my MPWP last year - files dates all seem wrong and many event are 14 hours in the future which is weird ! My dashboard Hime screen shows the correct Date & team in Australia . -14 hrs is Manaus in Sth America and +14 hrs is LA in USA( not in real time but using UTC to calc), so maybe it has the date/TOD from manufacture which is not resetting ?? I will keep experimenting !

I have just tested it all again with ether HOME screen showing correct AUS date/tIme and MPWP generates message “Files Synced From SD Card (16)” with date +18 hrs ( Paris in future if you could time warp) whilst -18 hrs is LA. Amazing !
So the date is changing with the internet time server sync but is not using it to stamp messages #@!#@!#@! I think that suggest a manufacture fault #@!#@???

You’re welcome for the explanation… Almost two years ago now!

Unfortunately I no longer have access to the MPW, so I can’t add much. I would advise though to make sure the time is correct in the MPW, and then test again with NEW images from the SD card. Perhaps deleting all old images from the card if practical, before taking new images for the test. Probably wont’ change anything, but worth a try.

Other than that, leave the MPW connected to the internet for as long as practical, and try again in the future. Or maybe reboot the MPW and try again.It may need that to fix whatever it wrong.

Good luck.

Hi WD,

I just purchased wdp and facing the exact same issue, filea view by my cloud app were all advance in future for 8 hours, which make the next backup fail (I choose copy new files only).

Seriouly, cannot believe it and I am in the trip right now and now I cannot backup my files smoothly, with confidence.

Please help asap

I believe the MPW does not have a running clock, but the date and time gets updated when connected to the USB plug of PC via PC clock. So, when date and time is important, connect the MPW to USB of PC before transferring files.

Thanks for the reply, but if I am out of field and need backup, how can I plug into a PC?

It is not just timestamp problem, all files timestamp are having 6 hours ahead in the future, when I take a new backup next day, only partial files can he backup because it is compare the current timestamp to the “future 6 hours” files in the drive! So every day I will lost around 6 hours of photos and footages …

It is so simple and now not working as suggested, please, please help asap

Purchased my Wireless Passport in 2015 and set it aside due to not quite trusting what it was doing. Later updated the firmware to what was latest a couple of years later and it seemed to behave better, but a recent trip seemed to give me some file dating errors. Saw that the latest update is way past what I had so updated to current (Oct 2018) 1.07.02 and noted that 1.04.06 had something about fixing wrong dates. So I hope all is well now.
Luckily the unit was very rarely used so I never experienced the battery problems that seemed to plague this model.
I like the small size of this old model compared to the rather over-sized Wireless Pro/SSD models.

Sorry to add to an old thread but mention of the date problem in a previous firmware update may solve some problems.