File Structure - Folder and file names in light of changes at

What would be the suggested Folder and File names to be used to in light of the changes?

I am at Firmware 3.11.10, from back in March-2013.

Have noticed that “Getting Content” from has changed, I have to edit the search data.

In the past I named movies with the release year, ie “Brave 2011.avi” or “Brave (2012)”. This filename still works for this movie but newer movies, starting a few months ago ( following changes in the API at - ie “Snitch 2013.avi” fails.

In my research of this problem I have identified that the API used to get content inof from has changed and the firmware in the WD Live TV Hub has not addressed these changes. Also noted that changes started at as far back as Jan 2013 affected the xml files - I had noted this - missing are the mpaa rating and thumbnails. This change came from the API interfave going to version 3, from version 2.1. One can see this change in viewing that XML files that were generated before Jan 2013.

I have developed a Web/PHP application that parses the XML files on my unit to generate a nice “Content” page and have been affected by the changes in the API myself. I have to edit the newly generated XML files adding back the mpaa and thumbnail tags. Recent changes made to the API at can support getting this data with a single call of the API. The old version 2.1 returned a “complete” contect and changes made in January to version 3 required that three separate calls to tget the same amount of info. But changes made to the API in the past few weeks now supports command line options to get the extra data via a single call to thge API.  The firmware needs to address these changes.

I am thinking of “Formating” my hard drive and starting over, but with 500 GB+( I have a back ups) of Movies, TV,  Music, and Photos - this is a big thing and I want to make sure I am positioned to go forward with a better Folder and File Name - Standards.

I was thinking that the Folder name contain the release year and not the movie files.

I also am wondering that the other “Content” sites for Music and TV have changed thier API’s??

Currently my unit is in a never ending “Getting content info” state if I turn on Get COntent to AUTO.

Hi, what do you get when you name the file with just the name without the date?

Ichigo wrote:

Hi, what do you get when you name the file with just the name without the date?

Either the correct movie title or a choice of possibilities. 

Like flhthemi mentioned, I get the movie title or a list of choices.

It used to work with the Year, some old movies still work. This change is a result of the API changing at

I think that the database programmer and the database itself is not being update as it was before.

I found this:

relating to this issue. Yes it describes the v2.1 to v3 changes and how the developer thinks it should work to support International searches with multiple release data by country.

I also monitor:

to see whats goinf on at API.