File set up on western digitals


 I use a recently bought 2TB My Book Essential in conjunction with windows XP. I currently am using the smartwareoftware that came with it. When I open the hardier outside of the smarter program, it appears as if the automatic backup has been categorizing the files into bizarre file names consisting of random letters and numbers such as, “391FDD2D8A83408184EA84A207AE3D09.” Why is it doing this? Also inside the smartware program I’ve noticed that it separates my folders. For example I primarily use this hardrive to back up publications, and when I look into the software it appears that it divides my pictures from the page layouts, etc. Is it truly backing up everything? I would really like an automatic backup that makes the files appear exactly as they do in my regular hard drive. Is that possible with this software, or do I need to use something else?

Thanks for any input!

The Smartware is total ■■■■. I’d uninstall it and try something like this If the data on extenal is the only copy make sure you have it somewhere else first. If you have a psaaword set remove it.