File Search My Cloud OSX Spotlight

After successfully setting up the WD My Cloud 4 TB with a MacBook Air, OSX El Capitan, I was unable to use Finder and Spotlight to do a successful file search on the Cloud.

After trying a few solutions, I came upon Devon Technologies EasyFind 4.9.3. It installed successfully with El Capitan, and I was able to do a successful file search (if rather slow) using EasyFind.

I thought I would post this here, because after spending a few hours looking for solutions used by others, I did not find any.

February 17, 2016
Another solution I have just tried is to use NeoFinder to catalogue My Cloud. It took around 15 hours to catalogue the files (about 200,000 files). I was able to the use NeoFinder to search file names using a keyword. The results appeared almost instantly, and I was able to open the chosen file immediately, directly from NeoFinder.

Hello, thank you very much for sharing this, hopefully this will help another user that might be experiencing the same issue.

Yeah, but why should we use 3rd party software n order to search WD devices? Why can’t WD come up with their own solution?