File pending backup

I have 2 files on 2 different drives that are flagged as “File pending backup” those 2 files prevent the backups from being 100% complete.  One of them has been in the queue since November 22nd! When I try to find the file on my hard drive I do not find these 2 files. I’ve tried many times to hitting the Retry now without any luck. Tried rebooting both the system and the drive without any success. Any hints for me? Files are 2 small .txt files; nothing out of the ordinary. No location is displayed for these 2 files. I’m attaching a screenshot so you can better understand what is happening.


Make sure that the files are not being used by any programs on the computer.

Thanks for the input.

I failed to mention, but no the files are not being used by any programs.


When doing my initial backup, I noticed that many (literally thousands) of files got put on the “File pending backup” queue, and then hours later, they were eventually backed up and removed from the pending list.  The only thing I noticed about them is that they were all fairly large (50MB+)  Finally (21 hours later) everything was backed up, there were none left pending, and the backup completed normally.

I’m wondering if it’s possible in your case that the original files got deleted (or moved or renamed) after they were put on the pending queue but before the software got around to backing them up.  That might leave them stuck forever on the pending list, since they are no longer around and can’t be backed up.  (This thinking was prompted by your remark about not being able to find them on your source drive.) 

Unless somebody who knows this software lots better than I do can tell us how to purge the pending queue, my suggestions would be 1) try re-creating a couple of throwaway files with the exactly same names as the ones on the pending list and see what happens on your next backup.  Maybe processing them will purge them from the pending list.  If that doesn’t work, I’d try the more drastic step of 2) uninstalling and reinstalling SmartWare to get to a ‘clean’ environment.  Good luck.

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