File not playing without network connection

I have a wd tv live streaming with the latest version.

Sometimes when I try to play mkv files, doesn’t work without network connection.

When I turn on the “switch” in which wd tv is connected, I try to play the same file again and it works perfectly.

Someone has experience the same issue. What can be the problem? Is there any solution?


We’ve seen a few mentionings of this but there is no solution.

I don’t know if this is related: I have two WD TV Live connected to network via wifi. Over Christmas I had bought some new network hardware.  In the process of switching from two old routers to two new routers, one of which provides the wifi connection for the WD boxes, I ended up having the Internet (i.e. cable modem) disconnected for a period of time. To access and play media files from a network share in no way needs the Internet, however when I went to watch a video while the Internet was disconnected I found the WD box to be continually rebooting. That box is running FW 2.02.32 so I immediately blamed it on that and went to check my other WD which is on 2.01.86. Surprisingly, it was doing the same thing. I found that the UI was responsive during this boot loop and I could actually use the remote but before I could get into the network menu to do anything the box would reboot.

When I restored the Internet connection the problem went away.

I apologize that even as easy as it would be to try to recreate this problem, I have not done so, and I am looking over there now and I’m unwilling to disconnect the cable modem. I have had such a battle recently getting everything to work after making a bunch of changes, I don’t want to have to mess with it for while.

I swear that in the past (on my old routers) I was able to watch videos stored locally on my network during Internet outages.

Do you suppose this has something to do with not being able to access DNS servers?