File not found. (404 7.26)

Hi, i recently downloaded this app on my iphone and ipad 2 and the first time i set it up all the folders showed straight away. However since then i have added a load of new pictures in folders and also removed/renamed some of the folders which were already showing in the app but now none of the new folders are showing and the old folders which were removed or renamed now give me an error File not found. (404 7.26) and the folders have not been deleted. I have cleared the cache on both the ipad and iphone app and also tried to delete the app and reinstall but i am still getting the same problem. Anyone else experianced this or found a solution?


Please let us know what device you have, as well as the firmware version you are using.

Wdtv live hub firmware version 2.6.10 and latest version of wd photo on iOS

What I  believe is happening is that the WD TV Live Hub is busy transcoding photos and therefore hasn’t updated the database with the folder moves. So WD Photos still believes the old folder structure remains.It will eventually catch-up and sync.  No need to clear your cache on the app. The transcoder team is working to improve this experience and not make things so sequential.



Thanks for your help however I must say I myself can’t wait for the new live hub update to fix the slow transcoding problem. At the average rate of 75 pictures per 6.5 hours looks like it will take a very very long time to transcode and delete all the files and folders after all the moving, renaming and deleting I have done. 3500 picture at no more than 250kbs each is taking forever. I decided to copy all my movie sheets from my external hard drives to my internal live hub hd so that I can view them from my iPad, giving me a list off all my movies as well as being able to view the list and moviesheets from wd photo instead of going through all that hassle of getting my movies sheets to show up on the live hub after being created for my wdtv live.

I had the same problem, using iPhone or iPad with WD Photos to access Photos on the Live Hub.

My folder structure is on root, 3 folders, Photos, Movies, Music …

… from the App I can browse to the folders and specifically to the Photos folder but when I try to access a picture I get the file not found error.

To the WD Staff… what is the folder structure recommended to put our media in the Live Hub? … or where is documented for new people installing a new Live Hub?

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you and I appreciate your prompt response…

I have moved files around too and experiencing the exact same issue. The sync has been working for 3 days now. This is taking way too long. The file moves show great on WD 2go but not on WD Photos. Should I just wait another week for the sync or reboot WD Live, delete the photos app and start from scratch?

mine took a few days to cathup but now whenever i add something or delete anything the ddtvlh still takes ages to remove 15pics and add 9 new pictures.

Way too slow and newer firmware update did not speed up transcoding either.