File manager not in app

Greetings to All,

After upgrading from OS 3 to OS 5 PR4100 , I have noticed that there is no file manager application in app tab , how do I get it in OS 5 .


Hi there! Sadly, the WebFile Viewer is deprecated in OS 5: OS5 Release Notes (see 5.04.114 Feature Changes)

The closest thing to it is the web file browser for shares with web access, accessible either here or through the MyCloud5 phone app (AppleStore, PlayStore).

This is ridiculous. This is a core functionality. You should not have to use WD servers to send files to your NAS.

This is madness. Connecting to a web app to browse files ? To add insult to the injury, there is no way to move a file across shares! WD is building itself quite the reputation here

Changed my workflow for the file to be on the same share and now im just getting ‘error moving file’ No explanation no way to debug it. This is really bad. Worst experience with a product i had in a long time. Cant even move a file? How bad can it get?

for future generations: fixed my changing permissions to nobody:share ( chown -R nobody:share /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Public/ )

I just turned off ipv6 access and it solved the problem