File is not supported.. help

After about an hour, I always get the message that my files are not supported. If I unplug and plug back in the usb flash drive, it works again. I’ve tried this on two different usb sticks with the same result. Any ideas?

What do you mean by after an hour? You mean an hour into playing media from the memory stick it suddenly stops with a media not supported error?

I say about an hour because the shows I watch are about 45 mins each. It will continue to play the current media, but after I select another file (any file) it says the file is not supported.

Or if I just leave the Live Hub on for an hour or so after turning it on without playing media, it will do the same thing. It’s like it is forgetting that it can play the file types (all .avi divx I think). Again, if I reseat my flash drives it will work again.

This makes no sense at all. You are saying that after an hour of the device being switched on it suddenly stops recognising certain files regardless of whether you are actually playing a file or not.

Firstly have you done a hard reset? Secondly is this an overheating issue?

I searched about 4 different forums about this issue, and couldn’t really find anything. I know it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve done a couple of hard resets, and the WD doesn’t seem to be overheating. I think I’m going to call in for a warranty exchange.

One thing I’ve noticed is that that error comes up at times that have NOTHING to do with support of the file.

Case in point:  If you add a file to your Queue or Favorites that’s on a NAS, and then reboot the hub, then try to play the file, you’ll get that error.   The error is because it hasn’t logged into the NAS yet, so the file isn’t even available, but that’s the error the code throws out…

So, I doubt in your case it has ANYTHING to do with supported codecs.   It’s probably an internal error (meaning BUG) in the Hub that’s manifesting itself in a totally worthless and meaningless error message.