File explorer freezes and closes while opening WD elements 4tb

When I open my external HDD everything is fine for around 3 seconds and then it just freezes turns to a blue screen and comes back after about a second. It seems my windows explorer restarts. But the odd thing is that it only does this within certain folders. For example I have 2 main folders within my external HDD, if I open the HDD and click on my backup then nothing will freeze. But if I click on the folder where I have unique downloads it will freeze. I don’t really understand this because the files within are not corrupted. I tested this with a simple search within windows, and opening a video file within the HDD under unique downloads. But if I were to where the video file is located it will freeze and restart my explorer. I’ve tried scanning for malware and errors to no avail. I’ve also used a 3rd party file explorer and the same thing happened. Any clues?

Hello seuong,

You should scan the content stored in the drive using the Anti-Virus installed on your computer, as any virus or malware may be causing such issue.

Thanks for the reply, though I have figured out the problem but not the cause. I suppose some of my files got corrupted somehow on both my C drive and External drive. Either way I just had to find the files and delete them using a 3rd party software.