File categories lost after firmware/software upgrade

I had begun using the software … flipping through the drives on my system and having the software categorize by file types.  I had not run a back-up.  I then upgraded the firmware and software.  No error messages while doing that.

When I started the software up again, the categorization is gone.  Everything shows as System.

There does not seem to be a way to get the software to start over and re-analyze the drives.

Hi, sorry I dont have the answer.  Got me a WD My Book Ess 500GB yesterday and the exact samething happened to me.  Very frustrating, have considered returning hdd.  Have u had any luck yet?


Did you turn off your antivirus program before downloading up dates? Did you install firmware first? I just got  a MBE 500GB. Mine did the same as yours the first time I set it up. I did not turn off my AV/firewall/spyware programs first. So I had to shut these programs off and re-run updates. I also had to power down after. Then everything worked fine. Hope this helps