File can't be accessed!

I have aWD Essential SE 1 TB External HD.

I have this case:

I unlocked the WD-HD, opened the Word file protected by PW, added text. Then by accedent the USB cable removed. The Word file still open. When I re-unlocked the WD-HD, I saved the Word file and closed it.

Next day I became unable to open, move, or even delete the Word file. I tried to open it by safe mode, I failed. then I removed the security  from WD-HD and tryied to open the file, but I failed again…

Every time I tried to access the file the system hanged and the mouse pointer just circling!! The only thing is to shut the system through power button.

The file size still as before the problem, and the last update date and time is for the last save. Waht is the problem!!

How can I solve it? I need this file which contain ola data …

Please any one may help

That file is likely corrupted due to what happened, if a file repair software can’t help you then do you have another copy of that file?

I tried to repair the word file by MSword (open and repair) but it failed. I tried other software (Kernel word repair) but also no success. In both ways the repair status hung at certain time -may be because the file is protected by pw-.

Another problem Occured:

In The same folder this Word file in, all the other files (Excel, word text) are unabled to open!!!

Is that mean there is a problem in the HD sectors?

Very likely…