Few Problems

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a My Cloud Mirror and am experiencing a few problems.

  1. Does anybody else find “Windows Explorer has stopped working” error VERY common when accessing there drive or so much as going into My Computer since connecting the NAS to the network? (windows 7)

  2. Odd problem happened today were I could not play the contents of one of my folders on one of my shares. The folder in question had mostly .mkv & .avi files but when trying to play said files would crash the player in which I tried to play them in. I tried multiple players all with the same result. I was able to play the contents of said folder on my windows tablet (win 8.1) though?!? 

I have now fixed this issue by moving all the content out of that folder into a new folder and now they all work fine again…?

  1. When I need to move files on the NAS into a different folder via windows the speed in doing so is VERY slow. It’s as if the files are being moved from one drive to another and not in the same drive. If I use the WD Cloud app it’s a lot faster. 

Hope somebody can help, I thank you for your time. :smiley:

1- Does the same issue happens if you use other browser like Google Chrome?

2- There seems to be some issues with the performance. Make sure to check the following article on how to improve the performance:


About your issue in point#2 - it’snot clear what you were using to play the movies/files in your shares when not using the Windows tablet.

I wonder if the DLNA database that’s used by the Twonky server (aka DLNA server) was somehow corrupted and when you were using a DLNA client you were receiving the error. But when you used Windows tablet, perhaps it did not use the DLNA service but accessed the files via Samba service directly and thus played fine (not sure but that’s my hunch).

And after you moved/copied the files to another folder, the program that constantly monitors the shares and builds the DLNA database (aka WD Media Crawler) must have added the files to the db from their new location and that’s why it’s worked.

n the future, if something like this happens, and if it is a corrupted db index as I suspect was in this case, go to the Dashboard -> Settings tab -> Media -> DLNA Database -> click on Rescan. If that doesn’t help, you can try the Rebuild option but be warned, depending on the number of movies, it can take hours (or even a day).

Thanks guys for the advice. My problems seem to have now vanished and everything is good. I’ve still no idea what it was I did (or didn’t) do to fix it but as long as it is working all is good. Thanks again :slight_smile: