Feedback after a few months of using the WDTV.

  • The UI is slow and clunky.  To a point this is unavoidable, but it should be better, even with a slow, passively-cooled processor.  There shouldn’t be a delay between every arrow press when navigating the file list.

  • No 10-bit h264 support.  This is getting very bad: about 75% of what I want to watch is now only available in 10-bit, and I have to jump through hoops to avoid it.  (I expect the hardware simply can’t handle it, but this really needs to be addressed in the next product release.)

  • Why is getting into Netflix so cumbersome?  I can bind a button to the services list, but not to Netflix.  It’s got to be by far the most frequently used feature.  It should take one button press.  I just want to watch TV, not navigate a maze of menus.

  • Why is the “featured” list above “favorites”? If I said it’s my favorite, it should be on top.

  • The Netflix app is getting worse.  All of a sudden, it’s asking me if I want “Just For Kids” … *every* *single* *time*.  The WDTV is slow and clunky enough–why are you putting in *new* menus that I have to weave through just to watch TV?  I don’t have kids.  Ask once, the first time, then remember the last mode viewed and get out of the way.

  • Fast forwarding in Netflix is painful compared to on my TV.  On my TV, I can press FF there times to fast forward quickly, then RW once or twice to slow the fast-forward back down.  On the WDTV, if I press FF three times then RW once, it starts rewinding, so there’s no way to gradually narrow down where I’m trying to seek to.  Also, once I press play and it starts buffering, I can’t press FF again to cancel it buffering and go back to seeking, like on my TV.  I have to twiddle my thumbs for a while until playback continues.

  • SSA support is seriously, painfully broken.  It’s so broken that it should never have been listed as a feature (  The fonts are terrible, it misparses all kinds of things (like {comments}), it doesn’t load embedded fonts at all, it can’t handle multiple captions at once, and so on.

  • The marquee for long filenames in the file list is annoying.  When I have filenames with episode numbers at the end, I have to sit and wait for each filename to scroll over to see what’s what.  When a file is selected and the filename is too long to fit, expand that item in-place to show the whole thing, overlaid on top of the list.

  • If I hold the down arrow in the file list (in 2x8 grid mode) to get to the last item in a column, it’ll scroll down 6 times, then suddenly jump forward a whole page instead of going to the last item in the list.  This doesn’t help navigating quickly (it takes too long); it’s just confusing and surprising.

(I don’t have much hope of any of this being fixed, since this seems like a place where people point out problems, somebody goes “ticked filed”, and then it goes into a hole somewhere never to be heard from again; but here’s to trying.  I’d happily have paid twice as much for the WDTV if it had none of these issues; if it had a responsive, well-thought-out UI and properly handled the media I want to view.  Unfortunately, there just don’t seem to be any good alternatives.)

The “NetFlix for Kids” thing is not entirely a WDTV issue. Other devices have also shown it. According to others, after awhile, if you keep choosing the same entry, Netflix’s servers will eventually make that your default.

If you keep hitting FF, it will go >, >>, >>>, then loops back to >.

It’s not a WD issue at all. NetFlix changed the navigation. It’s not part of the firmware.