Feature request? Is it possible to have different views for different folders?

I have stuff sorted into folders on my Hub.  For the shows I download, I have a program that renames them, to be a little cleaner, and sorts them into folders based on the show name and then the season.  The show folders are kept in a higher level folder titled shows while movies are kept in a separate folder.  

It’s much easier to have the shows appear in a list format because there are many of them and they don’t have any sort of artwork to go along with them.  Movies, on the other hand, have artwork and look really good in one of the views that show the pictures and movie info.  Is it possible to have the shows folder display in a list view while the movies folder shows up in the “cover-flow” style view?  

Alternately, if it were possible to get the same type of information for shows… that would be just as awesome!  :-)

One other thought… is there any way to tell which folders contain new media.  As I mentioned I have a folder for each show that I watch.  It would be really helpful if folders that had unwatched shows appeared differently or if there was some way to differentiate between new and viewed media.

If you look on the grid view you will see an icon in the bottom right hand corner of the movie box. (its a half blocked circle)

This indicates that the movie has been started at some point.

Innoman:  There’s no way to set a different view per FOLDER, only per MEDIA TYPE. 

However, switching views is pretty simple by just pressing the Yellow button.

What program (for the show renames) are you using just out of curiosity?

Rich: Thanks, I’ll look for that.  I also see that I can sort them based on date, I might go that route in the future. 

Tony:  Yeah, it isn’t so hard.  That is what I do curently.  Would be nice if it was possible to make it so that a specific folder had a specific view… But overall, I can deal with the way things are.

Ardvard:  I use theRenamer to update the shows and organize them.   (beyond that, I use vuze (and it’s RSS feature, a batch file and robocopy to do the rest… it’s not too much work to setup but it’s now fully automated.  The shows I watch appear on the Hub with no real intervention on my part other than adding it to my favorites in TVTorrents (I don’t have any invites right now…  :-(  ).   LIfehacker has an article that got me started, I took the ideas from that and kinda customized it to work for me.