Feature Packs by HighLevelBits?

Has anyone here got information on the Feature Packs made by HighLevelBits found at this address:


One of these features is a Web Server. Is this web server better than the WebDAV native to the MyBook Live which has the really annoying 4GB file size limit?

I basically want to copy files and folders no matter their size over the internet.

Hello, please note that this type of modifications are not supported and could void the warranty of the My Book Live. Maybe some of the other users can share some advice. 

Oh dear, I might not look into this one then. Would WD consider replacing the WebDAV with an equivalent that will support larger file transfers over the internet?

Hi again, you can post your suggestion in the ideas board, these will be taken into consideration for possible future firmware updates and product releases. 


There are options to make it a web server, search this forum and you will find different answers. Just be aware, most will void you warranty and it is for medium/advanced users. Or for those williing to learn/read/research. 

And yes, highlevelbits is an option and easier, however, there is a cost for it.

MLB has Linux Debian as the OS, which also gives you tons of other options.

Also, I have never done it, I am just aware of the options for it.

Good luck!