Faulty media player

I’ve had a WD HD Media Player for 5 months and its worked fine,played everything i’ve thrown at it but last week it stopped reading my hdd’s.I’m at a loss. If anyone can help or has an answer as to why i would be much obliged.

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Definitely try a reset (back to factory defaults) as well as unplugging the Live while it’s on and letting it stay unplugged for at least 10 minutes before you plug it back in again.

Tried that but it didn’t work.

When I plug in an hdd I get the message “media library compilation requires more storage space (3815MB)”.

Also I get the message “storage cannot aggregate”.Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hmmm.  That message is telling.

Try turning off the Media Library function in the Settings menu.

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Hi Tony did what you said and its working again!

Thanks mate a really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Can you tell me why it happened?

I’d also like to thank mkelley for his input.

                      Again thanks guys.

4G for a index file? How many movies do you have?

If you keep your movies well organized, you can turn off indexing without any problems. Actualy, if you don’t use search for your files, it’s better to turn it off.

I assume that there is free space on the hard disk?

If there is you could also try deleting the .wd_tv folder on the disk. This folder is hidden so you may have to change your computer preferences to see it. The folder contains the database for the media library and may be corrupted. The WDTV will remake it on start-up.

I have a 1TB hdd with 2GB free.

theres a lot of 720p and 1080p movies on it but they are all in order plus 400GB of tv series is that too much for the media player?

No, it’s not too much, but it IS too much for it to build the Index File used by the Media Library.

If you use the Media Library, you’ll need to free up some space so the index can be built.

Thanks again I understand what you mean I’ll make space on the hdd.