Faulty MB Live 3 TB?

Bought a new 3TB MBL.  Running Win7 (64 bit). Have MBL attached to router (DLINK VWR) at home. Upgraded FIRMWARE. Trying to copy files from computer to Public share, but have problems.  My music library copies until I get to a certain point, then each time, I get error message (see below).

Ran short diagnostic test, came back ok. Ran long test, and it ran all night (7+ hrs but could not complete-failed with 3104 or some type error). It seems to hang on the same files, as each time I try to copy the same set of folders, it hangs on the same  (maybe bad sectors)? I get network error “There is a problem accessing T:\Shared Music… Make sure you are connected to the network and try again”, but I can access the network fine.

WHen I try to copy off network from work using www.wd2go.com, again, it hangs each time I try to copy a specific file to MBL, I get delayed write errors (Windows was unable to save all the data for the file \mybooklive-devicexxxx.wd2go.com\Public\Proposal.pdf. The data has been lost.  The error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network…" It writes some files ok, but fails each time seemingly when it gets to specific disk sectors. So it seems like its a drive issue, not a router/network issue.

Any ideas? Thanks

can you make a copy of those trouble files to a new location on your local computer and then try to copy those over to the MBL?

I actually tried copying files (that I had successfully copied to MBL) back to my computer.  Copies the folder’s directory structure and some files back, but then  some files then stops with “There is a problem accessing [\MyBookLive\Music](file://%5C%5CMyBookLive%5CMusic) … Make sure you are connected to the network and try again.” I have no network problems (usng the internet, or copying files from my home network computers, or accessing files from computers to PS3, Xbox360, etc.).  Seems very random, intermittant, and frustrating. Its not like there is no connection, because some files are copied. I could understand it if something just wasnt talking to each other at all.  Any suggestions (bar taking it back and getting *groan* an Iomega NAS) let me know.