Fastest way to transfer/backup 2TB Mycloud to a 2TB Mybook?

Hello all, so I have a nearly full 2TB Mycloud NAS and would like to transfer/backup this drive to my empty 2TB Mybook. They are currently connected via USB3 at both ends. I am running a Safepoint now and has transferred 18GB in 2 hours. I am thinking this could take many days to accomplish. Is there a faster easy way to do this? The Mycloud is connected to my Gigabit network. The plan here is to save the Mybook as my “2014 Files”, delete the Mycloud and start over for 2015. It seems as if the Safepoint transfer may be my holdup, but I cant keep them connected AND see the Mybook to run a Synctoy transfer.

Any ideas?


The fastest way will be using Windows explorer or creating a safepoint.

The safepoint process seems iffy these days, but it worked well for me while I was using it. That said, many users report issues wiht the latest firmware.

Aside from software issues, the USB port at the back of the NAS remains slow. You might get something like 10MB/s (megabytes per second) at best…

If you have your NAS connected to the computer through Ethernet-Router-Ethernet, you should see regular transfer speeds in the 40-60MB/s. If this is the case, plug your MyBook into your computer, and copy the files using Windows explorer from the NAS to the USB disk…

For example, I use PC sync software to backup my Synology NAS to the WD NAS and I get 15MB/s and above, despite the fact that the data has to go from the Synology to the PC then from the PC to the WD NAS. Plus, the PC sync software offers many more control options than the built-in Safepoint.

As a final note, I stopped using Safepoint when I realized the speed issue and the fact that the restore process was failing anyway…

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