Fan runs all the time at full speed when DX4000 is off

Just got a DX4000 and set it up today.  To my surprise this evening, after powering the unit off, I noticed the fan runs at full speed continually with the power off.

Is there a fix for this?  One of my goals in buying this unit was conserve power not use more.  Come on Western Digital what’s up with the fan running at full speed when the unit is powered off.

Are you sure the Sentinel was truly OFF instead of just stand-by mode? Just HOW did you try to turn it “off”?

I used Shutdown in the Dashboard/Server Settings screen to shutown the OS.  Is that incorrect?

The device is designed to run 24/7.  The fan is on by design as a safety precaution (I didn’t design it so I can’t tell you the exact reasoning… or defend it for that matter).


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Good Morning,

I was just checking in to see if there was a resolution or workaround for this issue as this box is for home use.

There have been several occasions where it would’ve been necessary to power off, but I’d prefer the fan to not be running at full all night long.

Any insight to this issue would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

See the post above yours.  That’s the answer I got from a WD Staffer.  Not really acceptable but what are you going to do.  There are three things that I am disappointed about with this unit, 1 is the fan issue, the 2nd occurred when I bought it and I was told that it came with 4 x 1gb hard drives only to receive it in a 2 x 2 gb drive configuration.  I really wanted the Raid 5 functionality and speed vs. Raid 1, and the 3rd issue is that the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials won’t run on the box.  I know that’s a Microsoft issue but since this is supposed to be a cost effective storage device for SMB’s and SOHO’s I think there should be an in box anti-virus solution.

Beyond that I have been happy with the unit.

I think an alternate workaround to the fan issue would be some kind of sleep mode where the drives spin down and the rest of the hardware goes into a low power consumption state.  I try to be as ‘green’ as possible but sometimes people put insurmountable roadblocks in your path.

Purchased this from Newegg, no misleading information on their part, but definitely disappointing that I can’t power it down without this happening.

Did they by chance know as to when maybe a software update would be available to correct this inconvenience?

And I agree with you there by saying that if I don’t use it, I tend to power things off, however, this being a server it’s meant for 24/7 use and meant to run until the wheels fall off from the sounds of things.

Thanks for the reassurance that WD is aware of the problem!