Failure on attempting to upgrade

I installed WD Smartware which came with the HD purchased. After initial problems caused by a crash half way through installation, I managed to get everything up and running OK. On being reminded of an Upgrade I went through the procedure to download Upgrader, unzipped this and started to run it, including Windows permission (Vista). All I get is a message saying upgrade in progress which, after 6 hours of non activity, I halted. The upgrade is obviously not taking place but worse than that, I found the original version of Smartware was failing to recognise any files. I’ve had to uninstall and go back to the original installation procedure just to get things back up and running. What’s going wrong with the upgrade please?

Can you try with the latest smartware version available on the WDC website…

It’s the latest version, downloaded from the WD site, that seems to be causing me the problems.