Failing my Expectations

I’ve plugged in MyCloud EX2 Ultra, including the ether to my Modem/Router. I went through setup! Established my account with MyCloud. Established my password. Even plugged in my secondary storage SSD’s in the back, which was premature! HUH?

Even though both computers can see MyCloud on the Network path, both computers can access MyCloud admin Login (page showing “Home”, “Users”, “Shares”, “Apps”, “Settings” and other stuff to navigate; I called that Admin Login), including setup of password… both computers can access it with the password, password works!
On to test the storage access and sharing between computers… NEITHER COMPUTER can access the Storage capacity for file transfers! Both computers try opening the Network Path, under Computer (2), besides the computer i’m using, it shows MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA with a computer screen, probably cause it has it’s own computer built in? That’s how I get to the storage drives for transferring files, apparently! It asks for my network password, which I only made one password, and it’s the same password I use to enter the Admin Login (which is located on the network path under Storage). When I try you login the actual storage, it tells me my credentials are incorrect!

As shown in image!
I find in odd the two paths are backwards (The storage drive is the computer icon listed under the compute, and the Admin Login is the Storage tower Icon listed under Storage)! Also, I’ll point out, logging into the Admin Login, it remembers my password, and I don’t have to type it in to access the login for the admin! Yet, to access the storage, I type it in, and (YES, I VERIFIED MULTIPLE TIMES; I written the password out on a SS of Password page, accurately, and saved it elsewhere on my computer, something I do for a lot of passwords to keep safe). I’ve typed the password correctly. It’s a long password with lots of complicated keys between lower/upper letter, numbers, and punctuation symbols, about 15 keys total. Should be same between Storage drive, and Admin login, cause I only made one! The storage drive login has the same username as I already setup in the admin, also only one, which leads me to believe the password should be the same for the Drive login, as it is for the Admin Login. Yet, I can’t get in!

FURTHER. After I realized I couldn’t get in, and I couldn’t access (1) the storage drives of MyCloud, (2), either of my storage transfer drives which go back in forth between computers and Xbox. I decided maybe I should Format the storage drive! Maybe cleaning it out and starting over would help! However, I didn’t want it thinking it had to also format the other plugin drives I have, so I had to unplug them! Of course, in the admin login, it says I may have harmed those drives, but no information was being accessed between them! Hopefully my drives or the data on them have not been ruined! I checked, it seems one or two files are fine.

After I removed the two drives, I’ve requested a Volume 1 Disk format of the MyCloudEX2Ultra, full formatting! It took over 12 hours (1 hr per TB?) which was INSANE to wait! I’ve tried logging back in, first the Admin login to see if anything changed with password login name. No changes, login successful! I tried to login to the Storage drive, and that same response! “Credentials not correct!”

I’ve had the Storage drive REBOOT, not once… TWICE! No change! I can login Admin, I can NOT login to Storage Drive! I’ve had it for 4 or 5 days now, still have not put any files or transfers, AND I’m seeing lots of comments on the threads of the same problems with multiple MyCloud products!

I just want my money back! I’ll find another storage drive that is not so complicated to work with! If Best Buy can’t offer me something more reliable than this, I will find something else somewhere else, and it won’t be WD. Mass storage should not come with preloaded apps, and mandatory security measures! My home is secure enough, I should have the option of securing with passwords or not! It seems WD forces the passwords on you, so you have trouble, take a week with tech support (I’ve seen comments), and likely lose the chance for a refund cause you’ve had it for too long!

I don’t need a support ticket (they’re going to ask, I know), all the details I’ve struggled with are listed here! I don’t need to repeat all this again! What do I do to return the product, and get my full refund?

I don’t have OS5. I have EX2 Ultra. Which on here falls under OS3. I honestly don’t know what that means.

As far as I understood, especially cause it had the quick start card providing instructions, had 3 steps. Plug in power. Plug in Ether. Go to the /Setup page and setup the MyCloud. As far as I can tell looking through all the options in the Admin setup, the Shares were something I setup if I want to share with other people, as it seemed I can make “Partitions” within the storage, that users could have access to!

I live alone most of the time. Sometimes a roommate stays here, though he has other options too, so he’s not always here! I don’t plan on sharing the storage with him, so I wasn’t going to setup any shares! I thought it was safe to assume I had access to the whole storage without having to do too much.

So your telling me I need to setup Storage sharing access with myself, having a second password, to actually save files to, and access the files, in the storage?

To that said… and to clarify, I don’t even wanna setup online sharing! I don’t want or need to access my storage online! I just needed the mega capacity storage to share video files, screenshots, and finished projects, between computers, hopefully my Xbox1, and maybe eventually mobile devices, and for those to access only from home. So I don’t know if that effects anything setting up Shares as well, or if they’re connected in any way.

I read this a bit fast. . . .so apologies if the remarks are a bit off.

I presume you are using “Windows”.

Within Windows is “Credential Manager”. Credential manager REALLY won’t let you use two different sets of credentials for the same network resource. Moronic - - but true.

So accessing files as “admin” with whatever password. . . is a set of credentials.
Accessing as “user” with any password. . .is fundamentally a second set of credentials.

Accessing the dashboard and logging in a web browser is something completely different.

So as a “single guy”; you would setup one account “admin”; assign a “share” to the user Admin. From your PC; you would log into “admin” . . .and it should work. If you have a guest; you would setup a second “user”, and assign a “share B” to the “user”. Presumably; “user” will be accessing from a different PC - - - > or Windows Credential manager will bite you.

Note you could assign “Share A” to admin; and “Share B” to user. You could also assign Admin to both the “Share A” and “Share B” - - → and your PC will be able to see both shares.

Assuming you got Windows credential manager messed up; you can go into Credential manager and wipe all references to the NAS and the IP address it sits on. Then; you can log in one final time to “set” the credentials to the device once and for all.

Final note: OS/3 and OS/5 are different operating systems that can run on the EX2 Ultra. If you bought recently; or upgraded firmware recently. . . you will be running OS/5. ((everything discussed here works the same on both OS3 and OS5)).

PS: Don’t want to access from phones or the web? Turn off “Cloud services”. That will stop the dreaded indexing process; which is the bane of all OS/5 machines.

Thank you! Your explanation helped. I have a hard time reading complicated instructions in great detail. I struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and some other ■■■■ going on in my head! So I don’t have the focus or patience to read a huge detailed manual! Simple clear explanations work for me! Following your comments, I managed to finally unlock my storage, and tested with a file between computers.

NOW… for deep stuff! LOL!
HOW can I access storage drive (EX2 Ultra on OS5) with my Xbox Console, (NOT for games or save files), just videos of, recordings of, and screenshots of, in game activity?

One suggested given to me by Geek squad guy at Best buy, plug an Ether wire from Xbox to back of Storage, sense it has one. Well storage Ether is plugged into Router Ether (1/2. TV has the other).

Another suggestion was to see if the Xbox1 UI or settings had a Network path window, to setup network details, and see if I can access network devices. All the network window has is setting up the Wifi, testing, and extra complicated wifi stuff I don’t understand, IPV4 etc. Nothing there about pathing through the network to access something on the network, like Storage.

The other possibility that was suggested, a Capture Card. I know nothing of, and they’re about 150 ish bucks, I don’t wanna buy if it won’t work.

Apparently it’s data split box attached to a HDMI cable between Xbox and TV HDMI ports, the splitter box has a USB wire that plugs into my computer, and supposedly allows computer to record what the TV sees from the Xbox… (I THINK!). Will this work for storage? Can I plug Capture card into storage USB port instead of Computer? If I record gameplay on Xbox, will it save itself to a file on my Network Storage (EX2 Ultra, My Cloud)? Or is it better to keep Capture card plugged into computer, than save to storage?

Thanks again!

sorry. Outside my area of expertise.

Fundamentally, you need to connect the Xbox to your home network. An ethernet cable running from Xbox to your router is optimal. Doesn’t the Xbox have WiFi connection to your network?

Xbox has a media player. . . .it uses DLNA protocols; which technically should work with the NAS (you just have to point to the ip address of the NAS). NOT SURE how it will handle the credentials of the shares. You may need to put the media in a public share

Okay. Thought I’d ask! I didn’t find anywhere that I can point the Xbox network accessibility to an IP or anything. I just don’t think Microsoft makes it possible. They’re good with USB storage drives added, but I haven’t found away to have the Xbox access WIFI devices, such as WIFI storage, even though it’s on WIFI! It’s mostly made for entertainment! It seems they haven’t thought much of outside of that involving technical specifications!

As for the Ether option, I don’t have a Ether cable long enough to go from Xbox to my router, I tried. Just too far away! The Router only has two Ether ports anyway, now both used, TV and MyCloud. The Screen Recorder 4 app I have on my computer will work temporarily. I think a Capture Card does the same thing. The videos will play/record from Xbox to my computer, and those will be saved from my computer to MyCloud. Til Microsoft gets with the times!!

Thank you again!