Failed to install aMule on My Cloud DL4100

Hi! :slight_smile:

I need a little help. I am unable to install aMule app on my DL4100 with latest firmware and OS3, as it says “aMule - Failed to install App.”

I have installed Transmission and Antivirus Essential, but aMule installation does not work.

I’ve tried to restart many times my DL4100, changed also the dns with google public dns servers. This installation conversely worked well with my old EX4… I’ve dowloaded the aMule package form WD site, but I do not know how to install manually, ie which program should choose to proceed from aMule folder downloaded.

Thanks in advance for your attention! Carlo

Hello, I have never tried this as I do not own a DL series. However, from the section that you install the apps, you should find something that would say like “Manually install apps”, from there you should be able to install any apps that is already compiled to be used on the DL.

Hi lluna! Thanks for your answer, today I decided to reset my NAS to the factory settings, magically all programs are installed and work well … science mysteries :slight_smile: I downloaded the sw to be installed manually, but I did not know the loader to use from the unzipped folder… Thank you again!