Failed Hard Drive Replacement


One of the hard drives of my “My Book Live Duo” is in failed status. I am using it “Raid 1” mode. The attached hard drives are “Hitachi HDS5C404” (4 TB).

I want to replace failed hard drive with healty one. Is WD Red (WD40EFRX) 4TB compatible with my MBLD or not?

Should I replace both hard drives or only failed drive?

While the hard drive is compatible, mixing different hard drives in a RAID volume can result in a degraded volume. Replacing both hard drives is not possible without SSH knowledge since the operating system of the unit is stored within the drives instead of the enclosure. As such, it would be best to replace the failed unit using the exact same hard drive model.

Yes, you can replace the hitachi disk with any other 4TB disk…except that the MBLD is built with no cooling fan so if the new disk is not a low heat model, then you will have troubles. I believe the MBLD factory disks are WD Caviar Green, which produce less heat apparently. So that’s a long way of saying I’d recommend using Caviar Green disks.

Alternatively you could install cooling fans under the MBLD and this would mitigate the issue of using a cool disk or not.

Is it apply to Live DUO well?
I replaced both on my Cloud DUO with no SSH knowledge.


The WD My Book Live and WD My Cloud family are from different generations, as such there are things that are easier to do in the WD My Cloud family.

Can you PM me simplest guide fore WD My Book Live duo HDD replacement?
I have 2 new 3tb WD red and old WD My Book Live duo.