Facing issue from 2 month but no support - WD

I have sent WD 1 TB SSD 50 days back but no update from WD.

I am following up on the last 30 days but RMA is down & no proper response on chat and call. Please help.

RMA #: 0065328449

I have sent WD disk through DTDC Courier
Tracking number : M25457089

Please suggest how to work on a laptop without disk ? this is unacceptable from WD.

India - Mumbai

My issue has been going on for 2.5 months - I shipped 34 WD drives back at my own expense, they replaced with them with equally defective drives and now I’ve been waiting for shipping labels for over 3 weeks. Everytime I speak with customer service they “truly understand my problem” and then tell me to call back in 48 hours and everything will be resolved. This is shocking.