Facebook password

Hi all,

Have looked through the forums but can’t find a solution so here goes.

Trying to log in to facebook but no matter what password I put in, when I hit the submit button,  the password field is always populated with some unknown entry. I have generated a password in Facebook and entered that which makes no difference. I have reset the online details through the setup menu but the password still remains the same.

Any help would be appreciated

Do you mean that the password field is full of a long line of stars / asterisks. If that’s what you have then its normal as the password / length is not shown. Make sure the email and password is correctly entered, ignore what it shows in the password field, select the right hand tick and hopefully you will log into Facebook. If its wrong you will get an error box.

thanks richUK that is exactly what is happening. I have tried several times without any joy. Do I use my normal facebook login or do I use the password generated by facebook for the wd tv app?

You put in your normal login for Facebook. That includes email / password. Click on each box and use the onscreen keyboard to enter both. Click submit after entering. Ignore the stars after submitting your password. Select the tick and you should login OK.
By the way there is no password generated by the player, the password box has the long row of stars in it permanently even if you have a shorter password etc.

thanks richUK manages to finally get logged in after several tries