Facebook has detected WD Discovery isn't using a secure connection to transfer information

I cannot seem to connect to facebook to back up my data

I get this error

facebook has detected WD Discovery isn’t using a secure connection to transfer information.

Hi emgeorge,

Other than WD Discovery you can also backup your Facebook using MyCloud.com web app or My Cloud Home mobile app. This issue might occur when access token expires so you can try other options as well.
Kindly refer the below mentioned link for more assistance:

I have been having exactly the same issue trying to back up to My Passport Ultra. I get the message “Facebook has detected WD Discovery isn’t using a secure connection to transfer information. Until WD Discovery updates its security settings, you won’t be able to use Facebook to log into it.”

I am not sure why emgeorge’s question was posted in the My Cloud Home area of WD support. I do not have My Cloud Home, and therefore the suggestion to use My Cloud Home as a workaround simply does not apply. I have searched the My Passport Ultra manual, the Internet, and WD support for a solution to the problem and have not found it. I emailed WD support directly and received no response. I could really use some help. There is no problem backing up Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. It is just Facebook that refuses to back up.

Just picked up an easystore 10TB tonight and installed WD Discovery. Exact same results as Drj5j.

How has WD not responded to this with a legit solution?!

Using a different service is not acceptable. We purchased this product and it should work. You’ve done the same thing with WD Backup saying “if your drive isn’t recognized by our software, you can download this this third party app to copy your drive.”

Take ownership and responsibility for your products people.