ExtremeMix Mega Hub Theme Pack 3.0

Quick Tip…

For anyone having issues in the moviesheet showing…

If you have your movies in their own folder

Make sure that your folder name is EXACTLY the same as the movie name (including caps)

I’m finding that if the media is stored on the internal drive of the Hub, the folder has to be exactly the same as the movie

Also i’m also finding that for movies stored on the internal drive of the Hub, for the dummy file/moviesheet to appear first in the folder…i’m having to Rate the dummy file a max 5 stars then Sort by Rating v




Don’t know why but it seems that the library mode is more sensitive for files stored internally than via the network connection

Agreed, performance with individual folder is much much better.

It seems that the hub takes time to process all those 1280X720 moviesheets, in one single folder.

Hi, just a little tip i discovered from the Live thread and it also works on the Hub

If you are finding the Hub slow after the recent update

Goto to Setup ------> Audio/Video Output -------> Video Output

set as

HDMI–>Auto–>Auto–>Yes for auto frame rate

You should find the UI on the Hub will become turbo charged now compared to before …

I have been trying to upload my ExtremeMix Mega Hub Theme Pack 2.5 all day but mediafire is really acting up today

Due to the size i had to zip it in 2 parts, the following themes are included:-

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 OsdModHub

Sorry it took so long, i am still having problems uploading to mediafire so for now i have used rapidshare (i will try and upload to mediafire tomorrow)


In the meantime Enjoy

Wrong thread. OOPs

No probs zamzickles …

Also just in case i not mentioned it before all the themes in the Mega Pack are compatible with moviesheets…inc Tinwarbles new theme… i also converted the excellent cover flow view into gallery mode so the coverflow themes are also moviesheet (but not metadata) compatible

Btw Sheet and Trickle themes have the moviesheet showing BEHIND the thumbnails, however all the others have the moviesheet IN FRONT of the thumbnails, hopefully this will make sense when you use the templates…


hi all,

can you get the moviesheet to come up for each folder?

so you can scroll over folders and it will come up behind them?

instead of having to go on to the file.



Hi Lee, sorry at the moment the moviesheet trick can only ‘call’ up the moviename.jpg

So in Gallery view it will only appear when you enter the folder…ie you hover on the movie file itself.

Alternatively you can use List view (but note that the folder.jpg will be distorted)

Currently the only way to get moviesheet showing the way you want to is to have all the movies in one folder and don’t use the dummy file method.

Then use List view because Gallery view will lag like crazy…

The ideal situation would be if wd allow folder metadata to show again like it used to then you can browse by folders showing the metadata and then enter the folder to see the moviesheet, but that is depedant on the firmware

Hope that helps

yeh thats brilliant thanks for your help


also whats the idea of the dummy mode method?

u dont need a dummy in the folder do u?


Hi lee, basically the theme will take the moviename.jpg thumbnail and use it as the moviesheet…

so for example

Movie C.mkv will have a thumbnail called Movie C.jpg

However if you use this method then you lose the thumbnail at the bottom, also if you mistakenly do ‘Get Info’ from the Hub it will wipe out your moviesheet.

So i came up with firetix the idea of using a ‘dummy file’ to trigger the moviesheet…

so for example you have

Movie C.mkv, 

Movie C.jpg  ---------------------> custom coverbox thumbnail

Movie C.mkv_sheet.mkv -----------------> dummy file

Movie C.mkv_sheet.jpg --------------------> moviesheet

The dummy file can be created manually by renaming a blank text document or Thumbgen can automatically create it for you at the same time as the moviesheet

What this does is allow compatiblity with moviesheet on the wd live and live plus as well as the same moviesheet is used for all machines.

However if you want to have all the movies in the same folder then it is better not to use the dummy file method and use the original method.

Hope that makes sense…

I give up on mediafire for uploading these files…

So i have made just a single download link on rapidshare (Sorry warning it’s one big download as 11 themes included)

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 OsdModHub

Presenting ExtremeMix Mega Hub Theme Pack 3.0


Whats New:—

The main change is with List view

Thanks to all the recent work by Joey, Tinwarble and firetix i now have 2 different List views (the folder.jpg issue has been sorted :smileyvery-happy: )

My Coverflow, Sheet, STD and Trickle themes all have a List view that works well with full screen moviesheets

Whilst My Wall and the TW Coverflow / Wall themes a List view that works very well with Wall moviesheets

It is worth Noting that the ExtremeMix Wall theme has now been modified to also work with Wall moviesheets in Gallery view (if you use the all movies in same folder method) so this theme is the one to use with wall moviesheet in either Gallery or List Views

The other main change is due to size and difficulty in up keeping so many themes i have trimmed down the number of templates in the pack to 7. Now included are:

ExtremeMix Coverflow 3.0

ExtremeMix Sheet 3.0

ExtremeMix STD 3.0

ExtremeMix STD OSD 3.0

ExtremeMix Trickle 3.0

ExtremeMix Wall 3.0

ExtremeMix Wall Coverflow TW 3.0

All the Themes work well with both movies in individual folders using the dummy file method or all the movies in same folder using the moviename.jpg method.

Where’s the link ?


Ps this will be it from me for a little while, i am away all next week, and then i am relocating with my family middle of next month and my wife has banned me from playing with my ‘sheets’ LOL

on these themes sheet, trickle ect,

my folder thumbnails are coming out pixalized and not sharp at all.

any help?



Hi lee, Nps…

Is your Media Library turned on ? and has the hub scanned all your media…

You can force it to rescan by holding the power button for around 10 seconds and when the Hub switches back on the light at the front will start flashing.

Do you have a xml file that is EXACTLY the same name as the folder ?

Lastly how do you create your folder.jpg ? and what size and dimensions are they ?

Basically use Thumbgen and create thumbnails that are normally 239 x 358 using one of the custom coverbox templates

Finally on a theme like coverflow as the folder.jpg has been enlarged it will not be a pin sharp as for example the sheet theme 

in my folder is,

Toy Story 2.mkv

Toy Story 2.jpg    - Moviesheet

Toy Story 2.xml


so when i press videos on the home screen, i then go in to internal drive and get thumbnails of my folders come up.

its those thumbnails that are pixelized and not sharp.

when i go into the folders i get the moviesheets come up which is fine.

its just the folder thumbnails???