ExtremeMix Mega Hub Theme Pack 3.0

Presenting ExtremeMix Mega Hub Theme Pack 3.0


Whats New:—

The main change is with List view

Thanks to all the recent work by Joey, Tinwarble and firetix i now have 2 different List views (the folder.jpg issue has been sorted :smileyvery-happy: )

My Coverflow, Sheet, STD and Trickle themes all have a List view that works well with full screen moviesheets

Whilst My Wall and the TW Coverflow / Wall themes a List view that works very well with Wall moviesheets

It is worth Noting that the ExtremeMix Wall theme has now been modified to also work with Wall moviesheets in Gallery view (if you use the all movies in same folder method) so this theme is the one to use with wall moviesheet in either Gallery or List Views

The other main change is due to size and difficulty in up keeping so many themes i have trimmed down the number of templates in the pack to 7. Now included are:

ExtremeMix Coverflow 3.0

ExtremeMix Sheet 3.0

ExtremeMix STD 3.0

ExtremeMix STD OSD 3.0

ExtremeMix Trickle 3.0

ExtremeMix Wall 3.0

ExtremeMix Wall Coverflow TW 3.0

All the Themes work well with both movies in individual folders using the dummy file method or all the movies in same folder using the moviename.jpg method.

Please pay note in particular to point 10 re using the Ratings ^ trick to get the moviesheet to show first when using the dummy file structure.


The whole Moviesheet concept is based around using your own generated custom moviesheets, for that i recommend using Thumbgen

1. Make sure Library Mode is switched on the Hub and you have either used the built in scraper or and manually created your xml files

2. Create your custom folder.jpg and moviename.jpg using Thumbgen

3. Also create your standard moviesheet at the same time with Thumbgen the moviesheet should be named as follows:-

moviename.mkv  ------>  moviename.mkv_sheet.jpg    

(This will allow your moviesheet to be compatible with BOTH the Hub and the Live media players.)

4. Create a dummy movie file to trigger the moviesheet, the dummy file should be named as follows:-

moviename.mkv  ------->  moviename.mkv_sheet.mkv

(Just create a blank Text document and rename as above)

5. The Trick is that the hub is overlaying the thumbnail over the complete screen when you enter the folder (the hub will NOT downgrade the quality of the moviename.jpg as opposed to resizing the folder.jpg)

6. This Theme will work with BOTH moviesheet or Metadata, if you have don’t use moviesheets you can still use the theme and the metadata will show.

7. It is worth noting that if you run the built in scraper to rescan the info on a movie it will overwrite your custom moviename coverbox with the original vanilla version, HOWEVER this is not a big deal as you could use this anyway, or just make the coverbox again with Thumbgen.

8. I suggest that it is best to browse using Folders rather than ALL use the Green button on the Remote to choose the view. It will be possible to browse using ALL if the moviesheet allows transparency at the bottom or the theme is redone to take this into consideration.

9. The jpg should be 1280x720 in size (this is standard for most thumbgen templates)

10. To solve the issue of the Moviesheet not showing immediately when you enter a folder

       In The Menu, Press the Green Button to get the Filter and Sorting Menu.

       Gotto Sorting -----> Ratings -------> Choose the ^ arrow and press ok

       This will filter by Ratings and as the Moviesheet as no ratings it will always show first !!!


      Alternatively a better but more time consuming method is to Rate your Moviesheet as 5 stars

      Then In The Menu, Press the Green Button to get the Filter and Sorting Menu.

      Gotto Sorting -----> Ratings -------> Choose the v arrow and press ok

     This will filter by Ratings and as the Moviesheet has the highest ratings it will always show first !!!


11. In the Menu goto  Setup----> Video  Settings -----> Video Playback Sequence

      Change to Normal

      This will bounce it from the dummy file to the main movie…

      Means you can press ‘PLAY’ using the Hub’s remote whilst on the moviesheet and the movie starts playing !!!

      Note use ‘Play’ button and NOT ‘Enter’ button.

  12.  Goto to Setup ------> Audio/Video Output -------> Video Output

       set as

       HDMI>>Auto>>Auto>>Yes for auto frame rate

       You should find the UI on the Hub will become turbo charged now compared to before …


CREDIT goes to PychoTHC as the theme is mainly based on his Anodized theme 

CREDIT also goes to juliojs, lilibabe, zballz, Hell3ond, Tinwarble, Bradl79 and firetix for their work on the themes and custom views, this theme is mainly a Mix of all of the work of the real themers above, with a little bit of my work thrown in on top.

CREDIT goes to Jumbalaya for the amazing blue background

CREDIT also goes to Thumbgen as his program makes all the amazing moviesheets possible











GREAT Job ExtremeDigital!!



Hi , yes please can you post what you think about the new themes, hopefully there is a view to cover most peoples needs

Hi architectonic, any news of your tests ??

I hope to have a OsdModHub version of my ExtremeMix 2.0 theme out later today…

Whilst Anodized is very nice and animated OsdModHub may suit some that want a lighter theme built for fast browsing

@ extreme

does moviesheets load faster with the list view?

if so, perhaps we could reserve that for tv shows sheets with cover trickle.

Hi firetix from my very limited tests with tv show files

Yes List view loads faster, you are right it should be used for tv shows, ie more than one media file in the folder…

Also you would need to NOT use the dummy file structure for the tv shows instead make the moviesheet as the moviename.jpg


Chuck se01e01.mkv

will have a normal moviesheet or cover trickle moviesheet called

Chuck se01e01.jpg

The size of the font for the List on the left could also be increased if better for tv shows 

Please test with your cover trickle moviesheets and get back …

Known downside is that the folder.jpg get distrorted as the Hub will not scale properly so the top folder level is not as nice as when you enter the folder

You may need to have a basic 1280x720 folder.jpg for your tv show season moviesheet. one thats will not look as bad when it gets distorted


The covertrickle works find, the delay is considerably reduced,

but hmm yes, the folder.jpg gets distorted.

Hi ExDigital!!

No i haven’t test your theme out properly -WWTV (wife watchung TV!!) again. LOL

Will report back when I can. Although i have noticed the distorted folder view when in list view! spotted that on earlier themes- any fix possible?

No probs architectonic, i understand the issue only too well myself LOL…

Anyways here is release of my OsdHubMod version of my 2.0 theme…

I have also thought of a different way to make the moviesheet appear first when you enter the folder, but it requires a little more work.

Enter the folder and highlight the dummy file, the moviesheet will fill up the screen.

Press info on the Hubs remote and rate the dummy file / moviesheet as 5 stars ie the highest.

Now Sort by Ratings v


As the moviesheet is rated 5 stars, make sure that if you decide to rate the movie itself make sure you rate lower than 5 stars then the moviesheet will always show first.

Saying that personally i still leave the moviesheet as zero rated and Sort by Ratings ^ (this works for me)

Hi firetix,

The solution to the folder.jpg was surprisingly simple…

Basically don’t have one for your tv shows folders. Then you just see the normal background with the list view on the left side.

In order to have a season moviesheet still just create a dummy file and make a moviesheet for that using a season template, make sure that the dummy file shows first in the folder when you enter and voila season sheet first then you have your tv shows…

 i’m not following you

Is this for the list view or gallery view?

Hi firetix with my current List view i discovered that if you don’t have a folder.jpg for your tv shows then you just get the plain background…

This solves the problem of the distorted folder.jpg in the top level.

I think your idea of using a wall template for tv shows and using the list view could be a way forward ?

But with the new ideas that may come from Joeys mod perhaps something else could also be done…

Can someone please test this out for me replace the xml in my

The moviesheet should now show behind the thumbnails HOWEVER in the structure where all the media is in the same folder Gallery view is SLOW… its not too bad in List view…

2 issues with media all in same folder you lose the thumbnail at the bottom as you get the moviesheet showing

However this mod might work very well with tv shows, whilst i would still keep my movies in their own folders.

Extremedigital,  just tested .

However, there is one inconvenience, suppose i’m using a full fan moviesheet…

the thumbnails obstruct the moviesheet.

Thanks firetix,

Yes you are right this throws up its own fair share of new issues…

I will only apply the mod to my SHEET & TRICKLE templates…

When using STD mode that works better with the moviesheet on top of everything.

Did you test with your own folders ? 

If only we could find a different variable to overlay on top we could still keep the thumbnails intact…

Personally i think i will still stick with individual folders for now

Here is the converted xml for TRICKLE template for testing please