Extremely sluggish after reboot!

I bough my WD My Cloud 4TB a week ago, started migrating my data onto it immediately, and everything worked as a charm: file transfers lightning fast, almost no sound whatsoever. But yesterday I rebooted the device, and it has not been the same since. It is painfully slow, or at least very unreliable: sometimes file transfer is just as fast as last week, but then it just stops for a while until it starts again. And it makes much more clicking sounds than it used to. When using the web interface it is also much more sluggish.

My suspicion after reading up on some posts (not very recent, though, that’s why I ask here and now), is that it is scanning the data on the (huge, 4TB) disk, and that this is taking up so much processor power that it becomes sluggish and non-reliable also when streaming data. Can this really be the case?  It indeed says ‘scanning’ and ‘building’ on the content scan indicator in Dashboard, but can that really affect the unit so much?

If the answer is yes: what should I do? This is simply untenable, turning my great speedy NAS into a sluggish useless thing. All I need is for it to serve as SMB network disk, but I cannot see where I may I turn off these crazy scans, if they are causing the problem.

Help! I want my lovely, silent and fast WD NAS back!

Yeap it’s the scanning, give it sometime to complete depending on your data list size. This is much expected for the first time you dump loads of medias to the nas. The scanning is not only from wdmc, also from twonky.

You would also have read about the unofficial way to turn off the scan by disabling the service. Or just rename the binaries to prevent any scanning even after the service disabled:

cd /usr/local/wdmcserver/bin;

mv wdmcserver wdmcserver.bak;

mv wdphotodbmerger wdphotodbmerger.bak;

By doing this you will not have thumbnails during remote access. Also you may see scanning errors in the dashboard.

For twonky goto its webui http://wdmycloud:9000 and set the scan interval manually instead of auto. Or if you don’t need dlna media serving, switch it off from the dashboard.