Extremely slow uploading large file

OK, this probably isn’t a typical usecase, but for me it’s a problem :slight_smile: I am uploading my Aperture library (190 GB) to the MBL 2TB I bought today. It is connected to my iMac 27" Core i7 via a TimeCapsule (so theoretically it should be a Gigabit connection). When I started the copying 900 MB were done in a few minutes, then suddenly the speed just collapsed. It is now copying at about 450 kb/s. The iMac is just resting idly, not doing anything apart from the copying and the network isn’t in use for anything else. Is this a problem with the MBL or with Lion? Anoney experienced this before?

Check if you have the latest firmware installed. 

Just curious, is your MBL 2 TB a RAID 0 setup (i.e. not mirrored)?

In another thread I am wondering whether the RAID 1 is the culprit on speed issues with a MBLD.